About Us

Harmony Hilltop Ranch is situated on a hilly 60 acres overlooking a 3 acre pond. It features an 80 x 150 ft covered riding arena and tree lined riding trails.

We practice natural horsemanship using liberty techniques. Natural horsemanship is a philosophy of working with horses based on the horse’s natural instincts and methods of communication, with the understanding that horses do not learn through fear or pain, but rather from pressure and the release of pressure. Liberty is designed to bring a horse a sense of freedom and safety without using any tack, including halters or ropes. Working with a horse in this way will increase the horse’s desire to interact and will create a deeper bond and a dependable performance under saddle. Liberty allows the horse a choice in the process and encourages them to build a relationship and communication built on trust. HHR incorporates this methodology into all interactions with horses and teaches clients how to do the same. Above all, we put the welfare of the horse and safety of the riders as our first priority, and enjoy building lasting relationships based on trust and respect with horses and humans alike.

Harmony Hilltop Ranch is a proud partner of the ASPCA Right Horse. ASPCA Right Horse Partners are dedicated to creating long-term, systemic change for at-risk equines using bold, innovative programs to advance equine welfare efforts and increase the number of horses finding adoptive homes each year. Through this partnership, we have helped over 100 horses be gentled and made safe for rehoming. We have even adopted several horses ourselves and use them in our lesson program.