All HHR instructors have several years of experience handling horses to ensure high quality instruction in a safe and knowledgeable way.

To schedule riding lessons or training for your horse, call us for current availability.

Daisy Petrey, Trainer/Instructor

Daisy has an extensive background in many disciplines, with a foundation in biomechanics and natural horsemanship. We and Daisy go way back to her days as former head trainer of the SPCA of Texas where we partnered and helped rehome over 100 horses in need. Daisy specializes in horses of all levels from feral horses, horses with a traumatic past, to horses needing a tune up. She focuses on building great foundations for both horse and riders to succeed with any goals they wish to pursue.

Izzy Boyce, Instructor

Izzy has been in the horse world for quite a few years now, spending most of that time focusing on show jumping. Her goal is to one day specialize in three day eventing, and training. She loves teaching, and is comfortable with all ages and experience levels. She focuses on confidence building, basic horsemanship, and understanding movement of the human and the horse. She can teach English or Western, and low level jumping. .